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Sunny Autumn

Sunny Autumn - 3 nights for 2 people

See how relaxing the Autumn visit at the seaside may be!

Our package encompasses three nights in a double room with TV SAT and fast WiFi internet, including delicious breakfasts in the form of a buffet or a'la carte as well as:

  • Nordic Walking with an instructor and exercises (60 min.)
  • Chocolate joy - body care (30 min.)
  • Pantani Luar - Indonesian relaxing massage with hot stones (60 min.)

Chocolate joy

A slimming and regenerating body treatment. It makes use of perfect aroma therapeutic, slimming and nutritious features of chocolate.

It intensively smoothes the skin and makes it firm. Moreover, it reduces the signs of cellulite, fat tissue and revitalizes tired skin. It provides indispensible care and nutritious components, releases ß-endorphins (hormones of happiness) as well as reduces the signs of tiredness and stress.

Stone massage

It originates from Thai massage school and is executed with the application of special herbal stones. Not only does it restore the mood and the feeling of harmony, but also enhances body looks.

It contains many vitamins as well as has nutritious and care features. It makes your skin moisturized and greasy, thanks to which it becomes velvet-like. The massage also delays the ageing process and removes wrinkles.

Stone massage brings alleviation for body and soul and has a miraculous rejuvenating effect. It is recommended to those who are in particular stressed out, who live under constant tension as well as fight cellulite and tiredness.

Conditions of the offer:

  • Packages may be realized between the 1st September  and the 31st May
  • Massages and treatments take place outside the hotel; the package includes transport
  • Treatments take place on the second day of the visit within 7:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.
  • Nordic walking - renting of sticks is available against additional payment
  • In the case of 5-nights visits, treatments take place on the second and third day of the visit
  • Sauna is available in the hotel within 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
  • Prices of packages do not contain resort taxes (4 PLN a day from one person)

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